Dentures Causing Bad Breath

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Soaking DenturesDentures are an artificial prosthesis that can become filled with bacteria that cause breath odor. Like natural teeth dentures have spaces where food particles can become trapped. Not only is this a problem, but the acrylic material has many microscopic pores where bacteria can hide and cause bad breath (halitosis).


Effective Ways To Clean Dentures And Kill Odor

Killing germs and bacteria is of primary importance in avoiding oral disease. One of the most effective ways to rid dentures of bacteria is to



brush them 2-3 times daily and soak in overnight denture cleaner to kill harmful bacteria. Other options are:

How To Clean Dentures
  • Soak in bleach (will sterilize and kill odor) add in 1 teaspoon of bleach to one cup of water for 30 minutes and rinse well before putting back in your mouth.
  • Never boil dentures in water they may warp or become damaged
  • Never clean dentures with household cleansers or abrasives like Comet or Ajax.
  • Use denture brush to clean both inside and outside of denture. Remember to brush the metal clasp on partials because they can harbor odor.

Tobacco Stains On Dentures

The tar and nicotine in cigarettes not only buildup and stain natural teeth: but also dentures. It is essential to remove these compounds to avoid tobacco breath odor. Furthermore, smoking has a tendency to increase denture bacteria because it causes dry mouth (Xerostomia).

Some of the leading manufactures of denture cleaners like Polident make products specifically design to remove odor and tobacco stains from dentures.

Cracks In Dentures

Cracks And Loose Dentures

Dentures that do not fit properly because of bad dental sizing or weight loss can rub and irritate oral tissue causing sores in the mouth even canker sores.

Gums swell and then shrink after tooth extractions. So if you wear immediate dentures before gums heal completely; then you may need to have them relined or adjusted for a better fit.

Over time dentures become worn teeth may loosen from adhesive even cracks can occur. When cleaning handle with care, place a towel or bowl of water in the sink in case of accidental dropping.

Allergic Reactions To Denture Cleaner

Allergy To Denture Cleansers

Keeping breath fresh is a major concern when wearing false teeth; but some are faced with an allergic reaction to chemicals found in popular denture cleansers. The problem is caused by persulfates and it can appear suddenly or over time. It can lead to gum tenderness and respiratory distress. Take care to read the product label if you feel that you may be having an adverse reaction. Discontinue use and consult your dentist or healthcare provider about alternatives.

They may suggest using baking soda as a substitute as it has been known to be a good deodorizer.

In Closing

Bad breath from dentures does not have to be problematic. Whether it is caused by a bad fitting, oral hygiene or tobacco odor it can be solved. Remember to soak and brush dentures regularly to prevent oral disease from out of control bacteria. Have dentures adjusted when sizing problems first start to appear. And become familiar with possible allergic reactions to denture cleaners.

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