Oral Sex The Risk Of Throat Infections And STD’s

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STD Testing(sexually Transmitted Diseases and infections) Oral sex considered by many a safe sexual practice. But here’s  what you didn’t know. There are over 25 STD’s and infections that can be transmitted through oral sex. To add more fuel to the fire if you are unfortunate enough to catch a high risk human papilloma virus (HPV) like HPV 16; it can lead to oropharyngeal cancer (more common in men). This type of cancer effects the middle of the throat, tonsils, walls of the pharynx, base of the tongue and soft palate.

Results from a study conducted at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center shows risks increased for participants who had more than six oral sex partners during a lifetime. Raising susceptibility to 8.6 times more likely to catch a HPV linked cancer.

If you perform oral sex on a partner who is infected with an STI (sexually transmitted  infection) and you have an open wound (abrasion, rash, cut, canker sores, blisters, ulcers, periodontal disease) inside or on the mouth again you increase the odds of contracting an STD.

When there is an exchange of infected bodily fluids (blood, semen, vaginal fluids, menstrual blood, infected matter) from your partner’s genetalia. Even kissing someone with bleeding gums that has an STI can increase your chances of contracting the disease.

Brushing or flossing the teeth before oral sex can also increase risk of infection from accidental scrapes of the gums or tongue.Herpes Lip Cream

Once the infection occurs it travels throughout the bloodstream.

Symptoms of head and neck cancer (Oropharyngeal cancer)

  • Hoarseness lasting 4-6 weeks
  • Warts lesion in the mouth
  • Facial numbness
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Persistent nasal congestion
  • Sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal
  • Mass on the tongue
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
  • Chronic bad breath (halitosis)

Advanced cases of head and neck cancer can be deadly.

Infected With Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae and can infect the mouth, throat, anus and reproductive organs. Symptoms caused by oral sex include burning in the throat and swollen throat glands. Symptoms take as little as 2-14 days to appear or as long as 30 days. It is a disease where symptoms do not always appear especially in women.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)

There are over 25 sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Syphilis Herpes Gonorrhea 
chlamydia Hepatitis B Virus Haemophilus Ducreyi Bacteria Causing Chancroid
Poxvirus of Molluscum Contagiosum Trichomonas Vaginalis Scabies
Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) HIV (spherical appearance) Crabs (pthius pubis)


Abstinence is the most effective means of prevention. As the number of sexual partners increases so does the risk. Decreasing the risk will mean monogamous relationships, fewer sexual partners and the use of condoms or dental dams. Not only will you protect yourself but your partner. And since some STI’s like aids and syphilis can be pass on to unborn children you will be doing future generations a favor by not burdening them with these horrible diseases.

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Contacts And Further Information

Call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or email cdcinfo@cdc.gov. (For TTY, call 1-888-232-6348.)

Center For Disease Control (CDC)

Oral Sex And Transmission Of STD’s

Detection & Treatment

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