Tongue Rings May Cause Bad Breath And Health Risks

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After insertion there will be some swelling, bleeding and pain which will usually disappears after a few days. Complete healing may take several weeks.

Bad breath is a result of bacteria growing and becoming trapped between the tongue ring and crevices. As germs flourish infection may occur requiring the attention of a dentist.

Dental hygiene can be a problem because brushing and tongue scrapping recommended by most dentists are not possible with the ring in place. To promote fresh breath and reduce the risk of infection, it is



necessary to remove the ring and barbell then sterilize it before placing it back in the mouth.

Health Risks
  • Repeated striking of the metal against the back of teeth may cause enamel to thin and teeth to chip. Furthermore gums have been known to recede often leading to periodontal disease.
  • Tongue rings can interfere with speech and eating.
  • Low grade/quality metals can cause allergic reactions.
  • Tears or rips in the tongue happen when metal parts get hung in the teeth or dental work
  • Endocarditis an inflammation of the heart valves or tissue; caused by oral bacteria entering the bloodstream and traveling to the heart.
Worse case scenario
Tongue Piercing Almost Kills Woman




Some Orthodontists refuse or require that patients remove oral jewelry before placing braces.



You would never think that something which appears to be so simple can cause so many problems.

 Do Your Homework

Even though, Tongue rings in recent years have become popular among teens and young adults. It would be wise to research and consider all the possible health risks before completing the procedure.

The Association Of Professional Piercers can be instrumental in locating a qualified piercer in your state and in some countries.

When selecting a qualified tongue piercer, make a trip to the office where the procedure is to occur. This can help determine what precautions are taken to sterilize equipment

Don’t be afraid to ask your specialist questions like:

  • Where did they receive their training?
  • How many piercings have they completed?
  • How many years have they been in business?
  • What are the risks of complications?
  • What you should expect during and after the procedure?
  • And how long will it take for healing to be completed.

No one needs to risk there health with an apathetic establishment that will not be there for you if you get into trouble or need further assistance.

A qualified specialist will also engage you in questions to find out if you have allergies or sensitivity to certain kinds of metals and offer alternatives.

If they can’t answer or lack sensitivity to your concerns then run!!!

At this time legislation is being proposed to make the body piercing safe and unify standards.

For the most part, tongue ring insertions occur without event. It does not hurt to be forewarned and prepared for the unexpected.

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