Is Drinking Coca Cola Bad For Your Teeth

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I was amazed by the many things that coca cola can be used for, but disturbed by the fact that it can be used as a cleaning agent. Coca cola and Pepsi are the two largest selling colas in the U.S. and for that matter probably the world. Americans consume tons of this stuff yearly. But one would have to ask the question why would you to put a substance in your body that can clean jewelry, toilets, coins, saucepans and loosen rusted bolts.

Many of us have grown up on coca cola and buy it by the case or several 2 liter bottles at a time when grocery shopping.
The teeth often are good indicators of unhealthy habits. For those of us who are heavy cola drinkers have you taken a good look at your teeth lately?

Drinking soda pop regularly increases your chances of tooth decay and staining. Sugars and high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten soda can stain teeth turning them yellow or brown. The sugars in colas and soda pop combine with bacteria in the mouth to form

acid. This acid attacks the tooth enamel and weakens the teeth causing the formation of cavities and tooth decay.

To make matters worse most of us do not clean teeth or rinse our mouth out after drinking these substances and letting the residue site for hours.
But the sugars in sodas are not the only ingredient causing stains. Sodas frequently contain caffeine and we all know the terrible stains caffeine can cause to teeth especially if you’re a heavy coffee drinker.
Dentist recommend removing or at least limiting cola and soda intake especially for the very young to reduce dental damage from tooth decay.
So to answer the question is drinking Coca Cola bad for your teeth the answer is yes.

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2 Responses to “Is Drinking Coca Cola Bad For Your Teeth”

  1. Carlos A. Gaete Says:

    I drink one cup of coffee a day. I brush my teeth ten or fifteen minutes after; will this be okay or still this cup of coffee will be bad for my teeth. Also, I assume that one drink of Rhum and Coke will be bad even if I brush my teeth ten minutes later.
    I will appreciate your advise.


  2. Content Manager Says:

    Carlos the danger lies in the cumulative effect which happens over time. If you drink coffee or coke once a day your risk may not be as great as someone who would have 4 or 5 cups a day. Breaking free of habits or addictions we’re fond of is very hard. In many cases we try to rationalize our behavior which may lead to a false sense of security. There is a famous saying “there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant”. Sometimes we have to make up our minds as to whether we are willing to take the risk.

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