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Have you ever needed a quick way to clean your teeth without water and no toothbrush? Dental tooth wipes are made for those occasions. Although they are not recommended to replace regular brushing and flossing for adults; these handy tooth tissues contain a cleaning solution to remove plaque and promote fresh breath. Furthermore, they were design to aide in the prevention dental caries and fight cavities. They can be bought with xylitol or fluoride and are disposable. Use it once and toss it and the germs in the trashcan.

If your concern about cleaning your babies sensitive teeth and gums you may want to try baby tooth wipes instead of cleaning babies teeth with a rag. These dental tissues

are more sanitary with less concern about infection. And if you’re concerned about your baby’s exposure to fluoride then try baby tooth wipes with xylitol.

Pets need clean teeth too. , But may not always want to hold still long enough or like brushing. Pet dental wipes can make your easier and your pet a whole lot happier.

Dental wipes come in the form of tissues and also finger mitts. The mitts look much like a rubber finger. Both are priced for the budget minded. Finger mitts cost about $4 and the wipes about $5. Each comes in its own individual packet and can be easily thrown into a purse or pocket for convenience.

Keeping your teeth clean and mouth fresh will help reduce dental problems. It will also avoid painful trips to the dentist. In this department we need all the help we can get.






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  1. Keep clean while travelling » Home & Living News Says:

    […] Tooth wipes are great for travellers because they don’t require any water, or even a brush. By using tooth wipes you also avoid getting toothpaste where it shouldn’t be, like on your clothes or bag.

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